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Palco D.P.M.

Palco D.P.M.

Con la suggestione di tecniche artistiche e teatrali, avvalendoci di artisti ed esperti in comunicazione, abbiamo pensato i Dispositivi di Protezione Mentale, che integrano l’uso dei Dispositivi di Protezione Individuale per stimolare il pensiero, l’immaginazione, l’ingegno in un coinvolgimento completo ed esperienziale nella prevenzione e nella formazione, dentro e fuori i luoghi di lavoro.

 Dalla cultura della sicurezza alla cultura del benessere.

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Lo spettacolo D.P.M. in lingua inglese

MPE © – Mental Protective Equipment – started off  in the form of  a theatrical play in which we meet a young girl who started her first job, growing inside the factory, being involved in some bad experiences as alcohol abuse, drug usage by her colleagues  as well as wonderful experiences as having a baby, get married and getting older. We follow her and how these changes influence her way of acting in the work place becoming more conscious of how important is sharing emotion as well as knowledge with the other, understanding how the sharing, what we call mental protective equipment, is the only way to enrich all of us.


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Palco DPM©

Dispositivi di Protezione Mentale

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